The Magic Garden!

[Carole and Paula]

Carole & Paula will be on WPIX on Thanksgiving day at 1pm doing a reunion special. They will be on from 1pm to 2pm and there will be 2 Magic Garden episodes immediately following at 2pm. The reunion special will be re-broadcast on Sunday, December 1st, from 12pm to 1pm. For more information about the show on the WB11 Click Here!

Also, be sure to visit Carole & Paula's official web site at!

They will be on the Z-100 Morning Zoo (WHTZ 100.3 FM) on Tuesday morning November 26th, 2002 (currently scheduled for approx. 8:15am) (the call-in number at Z-100 is 800-242-0100)

There's also a message board on the WB11 web site where you can post messages to Carole & Paula.

I've gotten quite a lot of feedback from this page to which I'd just like to say thanks to all of the people that have written me.

If I had to name the one thing that defines my musical tastes the most to this day, it was a children's television program from when I was just a little boy, called The Magic Garden.

I saw it on channel 11 (WPIX) out of New York City, and most of the people that I talk with that remember anything about the show are from the NYC tri-state area, and about my age, but the show was syndicated across the country, and I've talked with people who remember seeing it in the 80's too.

And of those, most are people who are very into music. Since I feel like they had such a large effect on my musical sensibilities, it doesn't really suprise me.

Since I've started the page, I've managed to get my hands on a bunch of MG stuff, like a tape of the original Magic Garden LP, eventually a copy of the LP itself (still unopened!), and a few videos of the original shows. I'd *love* a copy on CD if there is such a thing. For now, i'm excited enough to have found as much as I have.

I've been typing in the lyrics from the LP, and adding sound bytes too! I just recently got past a point in the hello song where Carole and Paula started belting out name after name in harmony. There's a clip of that with the sound bytes. If anyone can identify any of the names I'm missing, give me a holler!

I missed seeing them play last summer, when they were at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, NJ. Needless to say I was bummed. A friend got me the advertisement from the newspaper, so I can show y'all what they look like now!

The Story

[Sherlock] I remember the Magic Garden as a small park area with a swing hanging from a tree, the chuckle patch growing at the base of that, a different tree where Sherlock the squirrel lived, and a fence right next to that where Flapper the bird always landed. Carole and Paula were the only people in the show, and the rest were puppets. Both Sherlock and Flapper puppets and their voices were actually done by the same person.

I don't think I've missed anything, but if I have, please tell me!

Sherlock the squirrel was a very cute and obstinate talking squirrel with a deep and slow gravel-y voice. He was always kind-of a trouble maker. Paula and Carole would always talk with him and they would bribe him with peanuts.

[storybox] The Story Box was a magical chest that Paula and Carole would open up and pull out masks and props that they could put on plays with. There was a cool little tune that you'd here whenever it was story time, and that's when the girls would go over and find all the props inside. The song The Story Box on the LP, tells the story I remember most clearly from The Magic Garden from when I was younger, and it has all of the cool sound effects in it.

[chuckle patch] The Chuckle Patch was a patch of daisies that was near (or under) the tree that Sherlock lived in. I remember that it had this goofy giggle. It would make a sort of growing sound and one of the girls would pull a up a what looked like a piece of paper and read off a really corny joke, like the kind you get off of Bazooka wrappers. Then the chuckle patch would giggle.

Flapper is the one character that I totally missed out on. I had a whole bunch of people ask me about him, and he's been described as the red and blue bird with the big, crazy eyes. From what I've seen on the videos, that's pretty accurate. He kind-of played the sidekick to Sherlock's lead, and I guess that's why I didn't remember him too clearly. After all, Sherlock's bright pink. He stands out just a bit more.

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